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What We Do

Pratt Consulting serves governments, nonprofits and private sector organizations. Pratt Consulting is particularly effective in addressing a range of issues by forging alliances with public, nonprofit and private sector stakeholders.

IT Solutions

Pratt Consulting professionals provide smart enterprise-wide solutions; data mining, data-based management, network systems analysis and Help Desk solutions to government clients and others.

Program Management

Pratt Consulting Professionals bring unique program management skills. Pratt Consulting Professionals help clients address challenging problems, identify appropriate solutions, and build buy-in required to effectively implement solutions. Recently, Pratt Consulting supported the Opportunity Funding Corporation’s Fannie Mae-sponsored effort to identify scalable foreclosure mitigation solutions.

Energy Policies and Programs

Pratt Consulting Professionals are led by a former electric utility executive who also led major energy policy reform for the government of Bermuda.

Health Care

Pratt Consulting Professionals assist health care providers and government officials by supporting public awareness initiatives, providing risk assessments, on-site consultations, accreditation consultations and training, JCAHO site visit preparation and Echo lab accreditation consultation.

Public Awareness

Pratt Consulting assists clients in developing and implementing public awareness strategies, informing targeted audiences of services and issues. Pratt Consulting Professionals include an award-winning filmmaker.

Human Capital Management

Pratt Consulting Professionals focus on public sector human capital management solutions, especially efficiency improvement and organizational development.

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